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111/07/2004Lichfield & Wal ASYorkshire S MajorStuart C W Hutchieson4866.0736
214/07/2004ASCYStedman TriplesDavid J Pipe4866.0736
318/08/2004St Martin's GBootham Bar S MajorDavid J Pipe4871.0855
425/09/2004Lichfield & Wal ASPlain B MinorStuart C W Hutchieson4877.0998
523/10/2004Lichfield & Wal ASGrandsire TriplesStuart C W Hutchieson4881.1093
627/10/2004N Staffs ASurprise Minor (7m)Stuart C W Hutchieson4881.1093
720/02/2005Non ASpliced S Major (23m)Stuart C W Hutchieson4898.0233
820/03/2005Lichfield & Wal ASPlain B MajorStuart C W Hutchieson4902.0329
919/02/2006Derby DASpliced S Minor (41m)Stuart C W Hutchieson4950.0233
1014/04/2006Lichfield & Wal ASSurprise Minor (7m)Stuart C W Hutchieson4958.0425
1109/06/2006Lichfield & Wal ASKent T B MajorStuart C W Hutchieson4966.0622
1223/10/2007N Staffs AYorkshire S MajorStuart C W Hutchieson5037.1123
1307/12/2007Lichfield & Wal ASSurprise Minor (7m)Stuart C W Hutchieson5046.0033
1405/01/2008Lichfield & Wal ASSurprise Minor (22m)Stuart C W Hutchieson5049.0139
1520/02/2008St Martin's GBristol S MajorStuart C W Hutchieson5056.0315
1623/02/2008Lichfield & Wal ASTreble Dodging Minor (5m)Stuart C W Hutchieson5056.0314
1725/04/2008Lichfield & Wal ASSpliced S Minor (41m)Stuart C W Hutchieson5072.0746

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