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The Derby Diocesan Association was known as the Derbyshire Association up until 31/12/1963.
The Lichfield and Walsall Archdeaconries Society was known as the Stafford Archdeaconry Society up until 21/6/1981 then as the Lichfield Archdeaconry Society up until 30/6/1997.
In both cases peals rung under the different names are amalgamated under the present name as neither guild was reconstituted. Tower, Method, Conductor, Ringer and Guild totals are treated likewise.

The following publications have been used:-

Ringing World

Peals published from March 24th 1911 to date will be found in the Ringing World. The convention used is IIII.PPPP where IIII is the RW Issue Number and PPPP is the page number.

Bell News

Peals published from May 1896 to 1915 use the convention for the Ringing World. (There is an overlap period of 4 years between Bell News and the Ringing World. The Ringing World has been used in preference to Bell News during this overlap period.) Prior to May 1896, Issue Numbers were not shown in Bell News and this has been replaced by the year of publication.

Peals which pre-date Bell News appear in various publications etc. identified as follows:-

ABG Aris's Birmingham Gazette with date of publication.
BL Bell's Life in London, with date of publication.
BWJ Berrow's Worcester Journal, with date of publication.
CB Church Bells, with volume number and page number.
HACR History and Art of Change Ringing by Ernest Morris, with page number.
Peal Board Details taken from a peal board in the tower.
Sott Sottanstall, Elements of Campanologia, with page number.
St.M.Peal Details taken from the manuscript peal books housed in the library at St Martin's Birmingham.
WC Wolverhampton Chronicle, with date of publication.

All data has been collated by input from the Sources listed above and from enquiries made of individual bellringers or guild representatives. The only information held of a personal nature is the names of peal conductors and ringers who are advised that they have a right of access to their data records on this site.